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Full Representation

We submit your application and provide advice from start to finish.

  • 20 hr
  • Price Varies
  • We will meet via video web conference, phone, and email.

Service Description

When you do an application yourself you are only following instructions and guides on how to fill the forms. However, you may not necessarily know why the information and documents are required or what the decision-maker is looking for in your submission. When you work with us, we understand immigration law, regulations, and policies so we know what the purpose is behind those questions and what they want you to demonstrate through your supporting evidence. When you hire us to do a full representation, we will be there with you through all stages of your application from pre-assessment, evidence gathering, file preparation, submission and post submission. We will help tailor your application accordingly when we present your case, to show how you meet the immigration objectives and requirements of the particular program you are applying for. During each step we will advise you on all the pertinent documentation and supporting evidence you will need to provide as it relates to your individual circumstances. Additionally we will research case law, current immigration legislation, policies, and any applicable officer's manuals in order to effectively advocate on your behalf when we present your case to the government via our submission letter. Furthermore, our service and advocacy does not end after submission of your application. We will continue to represent you on any dealings with the government and address any questions or concerns the government might have with regards to your specific application or documents. Should an interview be required, we will prepare and guide you through the process, and point out any potential red flags in your application so you will have a better idea what to expect. Price varies depending on type of application, please contact us for a quote. As an Authorized Representative we leverage our education and knowledge to provide a service to you. We will represent, advocate, and argue your case on your behalf. However, absolutely no one can ever guarantee any decision on your application. The final determination will be based solely on the merits of your application and the strength and credibility of the information and evidence you are able to provide to substantiate your claim. Please be wary of anyone who makes guarantees and tells you they have any influence over government decisions. Always check that you are dealing with an Authorized Representative who is in good standing with their relevant regulatory body.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel or reschedule please provide us with 48 hours notice.

Contact Details


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